As Laragon becomes more and more popular, we need your helps on translating Laragon to your native languages. I've developed a very easy, simple lang format for Laragon, so the translation will not take much of your time.

Here are some notes on the format:
#: comment
\n: new line
%s: string placeholder

Here is the English language file:

-------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- version: 2.0.5 author: leokhoa - - date: 20160821 -------------------------------------------------------- # Main Interface 100=Start All 101=Web 102=Database 103=Terminal 104=Root 105=Stop 106=Stopping... 107=Reload 108=Start 109=Version 110=Enabled 111=Stop All 112=Close 113=Minimize 114=Maximize 115=Yes 116=No 117=Cancel 118=OK 119=ON 120=OFF 121=Menu 122=If you have any question, please feel free to contact # Menu 199=www 200=Tools 201=PATH environment variable 202=Transfer files 203=Create project 204=Switch project 205=Create database 206=Change root password 207=Mail Catcher 208=View latest email 209=Open Mail Dir 210=Get sendmail_path 211=Configuration 212=Mail Sender 213=Extensions 214=Web admin 215=login 216=Preferences 217=Exit 218=Project Name # Preferences 300=General 301=Services && Ports 310=Run Laragon when Windows starts 311=Run Laragon automatically when Windows starts 312=Run minimized # \n for a new line 313=Minimize Laragon to the System Tray.\nLeft click Laragon's icon in the system tray to show Laragon 314=Start All automatically 315=Automatically start all selected Services when Laragon runs 316=Language 317=Document Root 318=Click to change Document Root 319=Data Dir 320=Click to change MySQL's DataDir 322=Auto virtual hosts 323=Just put a folder in Document Root & reload Apache, Laragon will auto create correspond hostname in hosts file and Apache's virtual hosts # %s for a string placeholder 324=Hostname 325=Hostname format.\nex: if your project name is %s 328=Advanced 329=When mail() function is called, Laragon will display generated email info\nin a small Window on the bottom right of your screen. 330=The Window will be displayed in 331=This feature helps you view email content quickly.\nYou can also view content of the latest email at any time in:\nMenu > PHP > MailCatcher 340=Gmail Address 341=Gmail Password 342=Test Sending Mail 343=Your Gmail Password will be encrypted from curious eyes.\nWhen enabled, you can send email to Internet easily. Just 1 line: # Mail Analyzer 350=Mail Analyzer 351=Send test mail to 352=Retest 353=Retest sending email. You can input another email address to test. 354=Close # System Tray 400=Laragon is minimized here. 401=Switched to project: 402=Created database! 403=Changed MySQL root password successfully! 404=Apache Reloaded! 405=Wrong Path! 406=Detect new project!\nLaragon will call nodejs to create virtual hosts for you! # Hint 500=Online help 501=Left click: Laragon - Right click: Menu 502=Start page 503=Database Management 504=Open Command Prompt (Hotkey: CTRL+ALT+T) 505=Laragon will call nodejs to create virtual hosts for you\nIf you want this feature without calling nodejs:\nRun Laragon as Administrator 506=Document Root # Quick create website/project 600=Creating 601=Created 602=Downloading 603=Downloaded 604=Extracting 605=Extracted 606=Generated pretty url 607=Quick create 608=Website Name 609=Please specify Project Name! 610=Created %s! 611=Could not create %s. Reason: %s 612=Explore 613=Click to go to the project's folder 614=Click to visit the site # Messages 700=sendmail_path is copied to the Clipboard! 701=This feature is not available on your computer! 702=Please start %s first! 703=The name is not valid! 704=This directory does not contain a valid Laravel project! 705=Please turn PHP Server on! 706=Go to Menu > Preferences > Services and Ports, and enable PHP Server 707=Project exists! 708=If you really want to create the project, delete the project's folder and try again 709=No folder! 710=No file! 711=%s is not running. Please start Redis Server first! 712=Please don't use Space in Laragon's installation path (to avoid future troubles)! 713=Service %s is running, BUT under other process. 714=Please stop your current WAMP stack or Laragon will run unexpectedly. 715=Path of the process: # Hope you never see this :) 716=Oh no, Laragon dectected exceptions! 717=Could not create database %s. Reason: %s 718=Could not change MySQL root password. Reason: %s 719=You must specify a valid Gmail address! 720=Could not create shortcut in Startup folder! 721=Could not delete the shortcut from Startup folder! 722=Wrong format! Must have project name pattern {name}.xxx! 723=Wrong format! Not a valid hostname! 724=Not a valid MySQL Data Dir! 725=You must enable Apache and MySQL services in Menu > Preferences > Services and Ports! # When Laragon can not modify hosts file 726=Oops! Your system prevents changing hosts file.\nPlease check your Antivirus or Permissions in Security tab or check if the file is Read-only\nLaragon will temporarily disable "Auto virtual hosts" feature! 727=To make this feature effective, you can try:\n1. Go to: %s\drivers\etc\n2. Right click on hosts file and uncheck Read-only checkbox 728=Note: Current permissions on hosts file: # hosts file is Read-only 729=Read-only # Write permission in Security tab 730=Security > Write # MySQL 800=Database Name 801=New Password 802=Current Password # Version 2 219=Ngrok 220=Share 221=Ngrok link is copied to the Clipboard! 222=Ngrok tunnel is ready! 223=Click to edit hosts file as Administrator manually. 224=started 226=Unpacking 227=Unpacked 228=not a supported format 229=Please wait until extracting is done 230=Wrong link 231=Error occurred when downloading. Please try again! 232=Error occurred! Maybe your download link is wrong. 233=Please check the link & try again. 234=Visit site 235=Close and visit the site 236=Edit 237=Switch Document Root 238=Select another 239=Database exists! 240=Leave blank if unknown 241=Apache's SSL port is disabled by default. Check it to enable. 242=Generated SSL certificate! 243=You must click [%s] first! 244=Auto-create database 245=How to force Wordpress to use relative urls 246=Left click 247=Right click 248=Laragon Install Root 249=Delete all [auto] 250=Settings file 251=Startup file 252=How to add another %s version 253=Laragon is already running! # Reset & generate a random password for root 803=Reset and generate a random password for root 804=You can sort out the issue by reseting MySQL root password at 805=Detect if MySQL is running 806=%s is running with PID %d 807=Found one process 808=You must stop the running MySQL first! 810=Start MySQL server with %s option 811=Reseting root password & generating a random one 812=Reset & generated MySQL root password! 813=Copied to the Clipboard: %s 814=Error occurred! %s 815=Stopping MySQL - PID %d 816=Could not stop current running MySQL - PID %d 817=You may try resetting it manually: %s 818=Done # Windows Explorer's Context Menu - && is not typo 830=Right-Click Menu 831=Add/Update Sublime Text && Terminal 832=Remove Sublime Text && Terminal 833=Edit with Sublime Text 834=Open Folder in Sublime Text 836=Please run Laragon as Administrator and try again! # Setup 900=Laragon runs extremely fast and has very low memory footprint (< 4 MB) 901=Your app will get pretty url ---> instead of http://localhost/app 902=Add Sublime Text && Terminal to the Right-Click Menu 903=Quick ways to open Text Editor & Command Prompt 904=View the README file 905=Run Laragon # SSL 906=Auto-generate SSL Certificate

If you want to contribute, just make a post in this topic with content like above.
Refer Dutch translation for example: