Hi all, been using laragon for a long time now.

But today I have had to write a script which is quite a large one in terms of what its doing its looping through many rows from a database doing comparisons moving data around, deleting data etc etc.

The script takes a couple minutes to run and I really need to see it outputting as it goes, I have done this on my personal server in the past and had many hours of pulling hair over having to remove all the forms of output buffering on my server to watch the task as it goes on my server the main issue was linked to nigix running but its not on the version of laragon I have.

I have tried many things now like the standard:

flush(); after echo
ob_implicit_flush(); at the start
I have checked all the config files to make sure all the buffering is disabled which it is.

So I can't understand why the test code at the start of my script will only output after its all been completed.

Test code:

<?php ob_implicit_flush(); logit('Start'); for($i = 0; $i <= 1000; $i++){ logit('Count: '.$i); usleep(10000); } function logit($str){ echo $str.'<br>'; flush(); }

Please please help I really need to see the script output as it runs and it would be very handy for other things I do.