Redis version seems old in Laragon

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    I have Laragon 3.4.0, it looks like the latest redis stable version is 5.0 but in laragon it looks like it comes packed up with redis 3.2.1, is there a way to get the redis 5.0 in laragon please?

    Thank you.

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    The windows port of Redid at is apparently no longer maintained, but there is a fork at

    I think you could just replace laragon's redis with that (though i haven't tried it yet myself). If this what you're looking for, then you could give it a try

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    Tested by myself in Laragon 4 full!

    By the help of @kidipridi :)

    Download redis setup zip file from and extract in laragon\bin\redis folder using new folder name of the zip file name.

    Search for 'redis' in below files and set the new version folder name and save.

    Then you must stop all laragon service and exit laragon application.

    Then restart laragon and new redis version should work fine.

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