Sort out the Download issue with curl in "Quick app" and "Quick add"

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    With Laragon, you can add projects and packages to the system with ease.
    To make it even easier, Laragon provide "Quick app" and "Quick add" features.
    On these features, when downloading, Laragon interacts with curl. However, some users had issues with downloading. The reason was: Laragon could not interact to get status from curl.
    To overcome it, I implemented a new download method as a fallback.
    You can apply the patch here:

    If Laragon can not communicate with curl for any reason, after a DownloadWaitTime, the fallback download will take over.
    The default value of DownloadWaitTime is 1500 milliseconds (1.5 sec)
    You can change it in Menu > Laragon > laragon.ini (for example: 4 sec):


    If you want to bypass curl, just set DownloadWaitTime=0


    Your download issue should be fixed.

    Many thanks @fysioski for your time and dedicated supports.
    Nice users like you are the reasons I keep making Laragon better.
    Many Laragon's users will be grateful for your kindness.

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    @leokhoa allways more than happy to help. Good we tackled the problem. Laragon rules!

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    Now works, thanks

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    Thanks so much! Now works :)

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    Thanks so much.. Barakallaahu fiikum, Aamiin..

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    YES, YES!!

    It works for me also!!

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