[Tutorial] How to add another MySQL version

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    For me I have : Error occurred: Query against mysql.user table failed when checking the mysql.session.

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    Hi, just dropped by this thread and then try to update mysql to mysql 8

    Here what i've done :

    1. Windows 10 64 bit runing laragon Full 3.3.3
    2. Download mysql 8 from here http://ftp.iij.ad.jp/pub/db/mysql/Downloads/MySQL-8.0/mysql-8.0.13-winx64.zip
    3. Stop running services from laragon GUI
    4. Rename laragon\data\mysql to C:\laragon\data\mysql_backup, just in case something bad happens
    5. Extract mysql-8.0.13-winx64.zip to C:\laragon\bin\mysql, now it has two folders: mysql-5.7.19-winx64 and mysql-6.0.13-winx64
    6. Ask laragon to use mysql-8 via it's popup-menu from it's try icon
    7. Start all laragon services from laragon GUI
    8. Mysql-8 apparently create folder mysql-8 in laragon\data, so I think step number 4 can be skipped, but I would rather do it
    9. Try to log using heidisql, it works
    10. Try to migrate my laravel database using php artisan migrate, successful

    I assume my installation of mysql-8 is successful. Hope this could help you!!

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    @kidipridi yes but in heidySQL when you go to menu Outils > users to want to add users it say errors ...

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    @Paul-BOREL : You can try updating HeidiSQL:

    1. Download https://www.heidisql.com/builds/heidisql64.r5332.exe
    2. Overwrite the C:\laragon\bin\heidisql\heidisql.exe

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    @leokhoa hello i have the last version...
    It say that have not mysql.user....

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    @leokhoa @Paul-BOREL

    Oh I see now, just tried and got the same erros. It's actually because MySQL-8 didn't create the default database it needs to work normally. Been tried to google for any solution with no luck ;( and because I don't have any other mysql-8 installation, I can't figure out which part is missing from Mysql's databases.

    But finally, I found and tried my own trick and it works like charm :

    1. Stop mysql
    2. Delete folder laragon\data\mysql-8
    3. Rename my old mysql5.7 data which was laragon\data\mysql_backup to mysql-8 (Actually i didn't rename it, I just copied and pasted it, then I rename it to mysql-8, just in case any trouble should appears)
    4. Start mysql
    5. From terminal, change directory to laragon\bin\mysql\mysql-8.0.13-winx64\bin
    6. Run mysql_upgrade -u root

    Wish u luck, mate!

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    Ya he hecho este cambio pero no funciona para la version de windows 32bit. Alguien ha realizado este cambio en windows 32 bit.?

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    @Ismail.IndoTech efectivamente con la versión 8.0.12
    dejo el link https://downloads.mysql.com/archives/community/

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    quizás esta opción de autenticación tenga algo que ver para que no conecte el MySQL 8 con esta versión de laragon, de momento funciona bien con la version 8.0.12 saludos

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    Here is how i did:

    • Delete your data folder: located at "C:\laragon\data" by default:
    • Download latest Community MySQL Server(zipped): https://cdn.mysql.com//Downloads/MySQL-8.0/mysql-8.0.17-winx64.zip
    • Extract it to default mysql bin: Mine's here -> C:\laragon\bin\mysql
    • Should look like this: 0_1566230767374_upload-cd07cfa1-8cce-4a7c-b985-7ab0d00fcfe1
    • Then open Cmder and type: cd C:\laragon\bin\mysql\mysql-8.0.17-winx64\bin followed by
    • mysqld --initialize --console (write the password generated for later)
    • type start mysqld
    • then with the password generated -> mysql -u root -p
    • and alter the password to the laragon default's: ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '';
    • Should return an QUERY OK.
    • type exit
    • on the other cmder tab close mysqld hitting ctrl+c

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    If you're using phpMyAdmin you should see a screen like this when visiting http://localhost/phpmyadmin/index.php

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