[Tutorial] How to add your favourite editor to Laragon and the Windows Right-Click Menu

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    With Laragon 2.1.0, you can use your favourite editor with Laragon and add it to the Right-Click Menu for quick access. In this article, we will add VS Code.

    1. Download VS Code:

    1. Extract the downloaded to: {LARAGON_ROOT}\bin\code
    2. Open laragon.ini in Menu > Laragon > Settings file: laragon.ini
    3. Put Editor=PATH-TO-EXE under [preferences]

    Note: If you extract outside Laragon's installation dir, you must put full path. For example:

    1. (Optional) Add to Right-Click Menu: Click Tools > Right-Click Menu > Add/Update Code & Terminal
      Note: You must run Laragon as Administrator to do that.

    Very easy huh. That's all forks!

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    Some pics:

    1. laragon.ini

    2. A Menu Item with caption "Code" will be appeared in Menu > Tools

    3. Tools > Right-Click Menu > Add/Update Code & Terminal
      0_1474391613491_Right-Click Menu.jpg

    1. The Windows Right-Click Menu is now has Edit with Code
      0_1474391402814_Windows Right-Click Menu.jpg

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    @leokhoa How do I do this on Laragon 1.0.6?

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    @pajioh: Laragon 1.0.6 is too old :) From the version, Laragon has added many features, please consider to upgrade:

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    @leokhoa OK, thx.

    I have apps I maintain using PHP 5.2, 5.4 and 5.6, I know they're old, but they're on intranet, and I can't convince my clients to upgrade. Can I still run those old PHPs if I upgrade to a new version of Laragon?

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    @paijoh : I haven't tested but I designed Laragon to handle this case carefully. To make sure, you can:

    1. Follow my instructions to install Laragon to another folder.
    2. Copy all of your PHPs to bin\php and your current Apache to bin\apache. Remember to switch to your current versions.
      If they don't work as expected, nothing is effect your current working one.

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