[Tutorial] How to install ImageMagick

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    @leokhoa said in [Tutorial] How to install Imagick:

    Imagick Binaries & Dlls: Extract ImageMagick-6.9.3-7-vc14-x86.zip to a tmp dir, then put all dlls in bin (CORE_RL_.dll, FILTER_analyze_.dll, IM_MOD_RL_.dll, ImageMagickObject.dll) to PHP dir (Menu > PHP > Version > dir:php-xxx-xxx)

    Did this line means that I have to put all dlls in directory: C:/laragon/bin/php/php-5.6.16/bin (my PHP directory + bin directory)? Cause, if it's true, it's not working. Imagick extension was loaded but no number of supported formats.

    Edit: I found the solution for my problem. Because I already installed imagemagick software before, my MAGICK_HOME set to c:\ImageMagick\modules\coders. All I have to do was to copy all IM_MOD_*.dll files to this directory. And my PHP imagemagick installation is working fine.

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    @paijoh: The line means you put all dlls to directory: "C:/laragon/bin/php/php-5.6.16"
    (no bin)

    Your solution is also a good solution for isolation.

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