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    In the description we have Redis in the enumerated list. How to start and set it up?

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    1. Click Menu/Preferences
    2. On Services & Ports, check Redis

    Now, Redis is ready. You will also have a Redis entry in Laragon Menu with Web admin & redis-cli

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    I don´t know if I am using it right way. Redis server is activated, checked with console it works. phpRedisAdmin is reporting under 1 MB of RAM used and zero (0) keys. Is it normal ? I surfed on several websites, RAM went up just slightly, after very long time, and keys are still zero.

    Redis version: 3.2.100
    Keys: 0
    Memory used: 673.2 KB
    Uptime: 6 hours

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    Now it works, but with latest forked Redis (Windows) version. Native Laragon version is more than 3 years old and not developed anymore.

    Redis 4.0.2 for Windows - alpha release!

    Seems as huge improvement in performance. But it is often subjective. Will come to this topic later and report back.

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    @Stagger-Lee : Maybe your Redis client use latest features that missing from Redis 3. I will consider to upgrade Redis if it needed.

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    I tried with newest phpRedisAdmin but due to the fatal errors I deleted both Redis and phpRedisAdmin folders, and updated Laragon. Laragon generated fresh folders and files, so there was no incompatibility or strange new code there.

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