Quick create freezes on/after download on Laragon Wamp 3.1

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    Hi! Not all the predefined quick create projects work for me. What happens is that the database gets created, but then there is no progress on the download bar, even if the file has finished downloading and can always be found in laragon/tmp/downloads. The quick create process does not continue to extraction.

    This problems occurs for projects based on these archives:

    The strange thing is that it always works fine for these projects:

    The archives behave the same way (same problems / success per archive) if I upload them to my own server, which makes me believe it is related to the archive file size. The files that do not work are all more than 10mb, while the ones that do work are 8,5mb and 4,10mb.

    I'm running Windows 10.

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    @torb: I'll check and get back to you.

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    @leokhoa: cool.
    In case i can help out to debug: is the script for quick creation somewhere to be found among the Laragon files and running off the server, or is it compiled onto the exe or a dll? It seems i'm hitting a 10mb limit somewhere, but haven't found anything in any conf file.

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    FYI, the Quick Create is complied to laragon.exe
    I've checked with a Windows 10 with Joomla and it worked.
    Please check your Firewall, AV as I think it is something related to your OS/Network.

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    I'm experiencing the same issues with both Firewall and AV turned off. Also running Laragon with admin rights does not help. Running in windows 8 compatibility mode neither. But since it works for you it must be system related somehow.

    It does not matter if the file is coming from the network or from disk, so it probably is not network related. Also the file does get downloaded (or copied, if it is from disk), the progress is just not picked up by the quick create process whenever the file is more than approx 9.7mb (any file up to at least 9.6mb works - 9.8mb does not). All variables related to the zip file can be the same (zipper used, compression level, etc.) - just the total size matters.

    Also tried to download 3.0.5, but having the same issues there.

    Well, I'll give up and just make my projects manually out from a blank project. But a search in this forum shows that a small amount of users may have the same problem.

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    @torb : Do you have links on the forum which are related to the same problem. I tested on many OSes (Windows 7, 8, 2012, 2016 ) + (both Cloud and different laptops) + (different networks) but could not reproduce the issue.

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    User says .zip does not work, but tar.gz works. Zip for that release happened to be 11.8mb while the tarball was 8.29mb.


    Very vague, but could be related. User just says that the zip (unknown size) does not work, but then disappears from conversation.

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    @torb : Thanks for the links. I've re-checked them and you might right but I could not re-produce it. Aiza :(

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    @leokhoa: No problem, I find it easy to use Laragon even without this feature. I love how I just need to make a new directory in the www folder to get virtual hosts and ssl certificates set up.

    I'll post back if I figure out what is up with my system.

    Perhaps in the future you could release a testing version which logs possible exceptions thrown in the application.

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    @torb: I had the same problem. If the file size is bigger, then laragon can't download it.
    I have a solution, but it's probably not the best.
    Download the file then decompress it. Decompressed drupal folder (v 8.3.7.) is 52 MB.
    Then I compressed it with 7-zip (with winrar and winzip would be too big: 15-20 MB). It is now 8,5 MB.
    I put the new compressed file in the c:\laragon\usr folder and I changed in the c:\laragon\usr\sites.conf file the Drupal 8 line from Drupal 8=https://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/drupal-8.3.2.tar.gz to Drupal 8=C:/laragon/usr/drupal-
    Now I can create drupal website with quick create.
    I hope it helps.

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