PHP date function giving wrong time [solved]

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    I can't get the PHP date function to give me the proper time. It is always a 4 hours and ahead.

    I have set the date.timezone = "America/Toronto" and phpinfo() shows that it is set to that. The default timezone is set to UTC and I don't know how to change that as there isn't a variable for it in php.ini file.

    This isn't just happening with Laragon it is also happening on my server. Laragon is running PHP 7.1 and my server is 7.2. I am using php-fpm on my server. I am not sure what Laragon uses.

    Using nginx on my server and Laragon shows both Apache and Ngnix when starting.

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    @drdan : Can you show a sample code and your expected result?

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    Hola @drdan,

    Open config/app.php, then find 'timezone' => 'UTC' and change it to 'timezone' => 'America/Toronto'.

    Please tell us the result.

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    Thanks guys. You both hit on my problems.

    Setting the 'timezone' => 'America/Toronto' in the config/app.php file was the solution.

    I didn't mention it but the time was also off by a fraction of an hour rather than exactly 4 hours. This was caused by using m for minutes in the date function rather than i. Thus I was displaying the month not the minutes.

    It is all good now. Thanks again.

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