PHP version in CLI is wrong even if PATH is right

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    I have latest Laragon installed and I added both PHP 5.6.33 and 7.1.12
    With the 7.1.12 version active, I added Laragon to PATH, and indedd I can see my 7.12 version in the PATH's list.
    I also restarted a couple of time as suggested by Laragon to be sure.
    But when I type "php -v" (no quotes) in a cmd shell, I get the PHP 5.6.33 version, and this prevents me form installing latest Laravel release

    Even if I remove Laragon from PATH (and restart), so that I have no PHP version in PATH, the "php -v" command still tells me that 5.6.33 is there: and I have no idea where it comes from! :-O

    Only when I delete the 5.6.33 folder, restart and add Laragon to PATH, then the right 7.1.12 is in my CLI; but soon as I restore the 5.6.33 folder, the CLI is back to 5.6.33 version... and this is driving me mad!

    Any idea, please? :-(

    EDIT: wait, there's more! If I type "php -v" from the classic cmd windows, I get the right 7.1.12 version! But when I use the bundled Terminal in Laragon I get the 5.6.33 version... :-O

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    @ivanhalen : Did you switch to PHP 7.1.12 (click Menu > PHP > Version > xxx)?

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    Yes, I did at first...
    Anyway, after a couple of opening/closing Terminal and restart Windows, it worked :-)

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    We got the same problem with laragon on different computers. When switching PHP version, the CLI version stays on 7.xx even after opening/closing cmder a few times... Perhaps restarting Windows fixes the problem but it doesn't seems to be a valid solution.

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    Solution: Completely exit Laragon and restart it, it will fix this issue.

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    Restarting Laragon helped with having the new php version in the "Laragon" terminal, but PowerShell still had the old version. The problem seemed to be with the Windows PATH - it didn't have a direct reference to the new PHP version. I fixed it by reading Laragon to PATH with:

    Menu > Tools > Path > Add Laragon to Path

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    I have try above solution but not work.

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