Re: Laragon Lite and Laragon differences?

What about Laragon Lite, anyway?

I already have Git, Node, Yarn, Composer installed.
Ngrok never needed.
Notepad++ too old and competitor (VSCode even portable, Atom) better by far (Git integrated, faster, better performance, (-->) terminal included etc.)

The complete Laragon package is really great but too much.

Basically I only need Apache, PHP and MySQL.
Laragon Mint would be perfect but unfortunately only Ngnix is included, which most webspace providers do not support, so I never use it.

So, is there any chance of reawakening Laragon Lite, please?
Or is there a reason why Lite doesn't get updates anymore?

Oops, I actually replied to another post.
This should not be a new announcement.
Did I find a bug or can anyone write an announcement here?
Anyway, please move post to the appropriate category, if necessary, sorry. ^^