I'm using Laragon 3.4.0 on Windows 10 with Apache selected, and trying to install RespondCMS (respondcms.com). I get to step 9 of the install instructions:

"9. Create a subdomain and point it at public_html/respond/public

In the last step, navigate back to the main menu and create a subdomain (e.g. http://app.my-domain.com). Point the subdomain at your public_html/respond/public folder."

and don't have any idea what to do next.

I tried creating a new, blank site for the subdomain and then edited the .conf file in sites-enabled to change the ROOT folder name, but every time I restart Laragon it overwrites this file so that ROOT points to www/subdomain.test rather than www/test/respond.

Nothing that I've found in the forum seems to work.