When I discovered Laragon I was happy from the features it offers but while minutes and hours goes by, my feeling started to change from happy to angry... sorry to say that but I'm somehow disappointed.

I'm having issues running projects with SSL.
First, Chrome/Firefox/Opera .. all denies the access as they don't trust the certificate provided with the website and I'm getting an error like :"This site can’t provide a secure connection
laravel.dev sent an invalid response.
Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

and sometimes an issue with HSTS etc....

I then had issues with Nginx / Apache starting web server, Nginx says port 80 is in use, skype is uninstalled and same issue is thrown, Apache says can't bind 443 to the host which confusing... I ended up changing web port to 8080 and ssl to 4443 and I still want to use port 80/443 but how?

I tried to use HTTP only without SSL, every website is trying to lookup for HTTPS://...

I need your help please