I have two computers running on my Windows network at home -- call them App-Dev-1 and App-Dev-2. Each computer can see the other on the network. In Advanced Network Sharing I've turned off password-protected sharing because everything's local to trusted computers on our tiny LAN.

Each computer is running Laragon. On each computer, C:/laragon is shared with Everyone, read/write. Using File Explorer, I can read and/or write from one computer into the other's C:/laragon folder just as expected.

App-Dev-1 has a Git repo. App-Dev-2 wants to clone App-Dev-1's repo.

On App-Dev-2, when I try:
git clone http://App-Dev-1/laragon/www/impact -o App-Dev-1 -v -c http.sslVerify=false

I get:
fatal: repository 'http://app-dev-1/laragon/www/impact/' not found

Apparently, something is stopping App-Dev-2's Git from looking across the network and seeing the project on App-Dev-1 that I want to clone onto App-Dev-2.

I've also tried the same "git clone ..." command using the git: protocol and the ssh: protocol, but they each have problems of their own. I'd much rather stick with the http: protocol if at all possible.

At this point, I don't know what to try next. Any thoughts on getting git to work with a remote repo across a LAN?