Re: Replace HeidiSQL I followed these exact same instructions, only for a different DB client and path (yes, I 'quoted' the path but it doesn't matter because there are no spaces). This no longer works, at least in Laragon 'Full' version 4.x. I put that command in laragon.ini but no button shows up. In a last-ditch effort to make it work, I then copied my DB client code into the 'heidisql' folder in Laragon to see if that would somehow work. The 'HeidiSQL' button then disappeared so I can confirm that won't work either.
So, how can we add our preferred DB clients to Laragon. I've also tried the Procfile way but that didn't work either. There are no messages in the laragon.log. As info, my ini entry is:
[buttons] Database=SQLyog: C:\laragon\bin\sqlyog\SQLyog.exe . That is pretty much identical to wht you told the person wanting Navicat to do.