Hi, Good Evening.

I have a question about Laragon V3 and its packages.

On this thread: https://forum.laragon.org/topic/473/download-laragon/6

Krip asked: " Can i have all thus in one .exe only? Or need to install all exe? "
Leokhoa answered : "There is only one laragon.exe to manage all stacks. Each installer will add necessary services for you or you can add a service easily yourself".

This one I don't understand.

let say I have installed the laragon-wamp.exe on D/server, and now I want to go to learn Django and make a project, so I download the laragon-django.exe

Where suppose I install it? on separate or same location as where the laragon-wamp installed (D/Server) ?

because I've installed the laragon-django.exe, and when I start all and go to my web say django-blog.dev. It's not happening, seems like the virtual hosts doesn't work.

Thank You