I'm on Laragon 2.0.2 right now, using laravel 5.4.

Here is my hosts file : localhost fr.bd2.dev en.bd2.dev de.bd2.dev auth.bd2.dev manager.bd2.dev admin.bd2.dev fr.testdomain.dev en.testdomain.dev de.testdomain.dev auth.testdomain.dev manager.testdomain.dev admin.testdomain.dev test.tools.dev bd2.dev #laragon magic! testdomain.dev #laragon magic! tools.dev #laragon magic!

It worked since a few months until yesterday night when I closed my computer.

Today :

If I try to access any http://\*.bd2.dev, it sends me to C:\laragon\www\index.php (the phpinfo default one). Any subpage (http://\*.bd2.dev/anything) makes an Apache 404 (not a laravel one).

If I try to access any https://\*.bd2.dev it works normally...

The root http://bd2.dev is not affected

I just don't get how it can happen overnight.

What I explored so far :

I added a test.tools.dev hosts entry, and this one works normally.

I copied all files to bd2test.dev, and subdomains work normally.

I copied a working project (my tools.dev one) in the bd2 folder. My tools project has the same subdomains errors when under the bd2.dev domain.

To see if it was just the laragon magic failing, I installed a local dns server (Acrylic DNS Proxy), made it work, same results, only https works for the *.bd2.dev domain.

Basically what I get is that whatever I put in the C:\laragon\www\bd2\ folder, dns won't work if not accessed through https. It's not dependent on the files i put into it, and it's not dependent of where the dns resolves.

Anyone got any lead ? Because I don't have anymore ideas ...