I imagined that I can create separate environments with Laragon. Each project has a main configuration file (.lrgn or a conf.json) and that file contains like below (as if Docker).
This configuration file makes a Procfile or something different - I dont know. It could be hyper-super laragonization. And I can select which projects I want to run.
And they can run both - I think.

# projects/server_01/.lrgn name: "Server 01" host: "it-looks-good.oo" # prevent redundancy nginx: # call nginx -p ./www -c ./nginx.conf version: "1.13.1" host # makes a configuration file and it will be including port: 80 proxy: # not necessary (ex.: a node app is runnig) from: port: 3000 host: "localhost" ssl: true|force # make a certification and then add it to Certification System setup: # https://nginxconfig.io/?file_structure=modularized http: server_tokens: on # rewrite defaults, custom settings are writable node: # runs versioned node version: "8.1.11" mysql: # call mysql --defaults-file=./my.ini --host=it-looks-good.oo --port=3308 version: "5.7.21" # load mysql from versioned folder host port: 3308 # prior port scanning pass: "rootpass" # makes a password to the root user setup: client: user: "idontknow" php: # call php -c ./php.ini version: "7.2.4" # load php from versioned folder nts: false setup: # not necessary max_execution_time: 300 smtp_port: 1025 mail: # call mailhog, hmail port: 1025 ngrok: host