This tutorial is for setting up WordPress in Laragon so you can test patches from WordPress Trac.

Prerequisite: you'll need Laragon WAMP, not just Laragon Portable. You'll need to run node and npm.

Create Development Site


Open Laragon. Click Menu -> Quick App -> Blank. Name it "wpdev" Click "Terminal", and in the terminal type git clone wpdev and then enter (or git clone wpdev and enter your GitHub username and password) Copy {laragon}/www/wpdev/wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php, and enter change the database name to be wpdev, and user to be root, with blank password Still in terminal, type cd wpdev, enter, then npm install && grunt build If using nginx, find{laragon}/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/auto.wpdev.conf (if using apache, use that instead) and remove auto. from its name. In that file, find the line that starts with root (or sometimes define ROOT), and add build/ onto it. In laragon, click "Stop All" and "Start All'. Now your copy of the development version of WordPress should be running at wpdev.test. Apply Patches Find the ticket from that you want to apply, and take note of its ticket number From {laragon}/www/wpdev/, run grunt patch:{ticket-number}. Eg if you wanted to apply the first patch from [Trac ticket 43443](, you would typegrunt patch:43443`, and then it would ask you which one of the uploaded patches you'd like to apply. After applying the patch, you should run grunt build again (to re-sync the changes made to the src directory to the build directory) When you're all done testing and want to undo the patch, run git checkout .
See for more information.