[Tutorial] How to add another Node.js version to Laragon (node v12.13)

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    With Laragon, adding another Node.js version is very easy.

    1.Download Node.js Windows Binary (.zip) (suppose you want to use Node.js version 12.13.1 64-bit):

    1. Extract the downloaded to: C:\laragon\bin\nodejs\node-v12.13.1 (If there is no nodejs dir in bin, just create it and you can set name node-v12 if you prefer)
    -- bin
       -- nodejs
          -- node-v12.13.1
          -- .............

    1. Close Laragon, then open it again (to refresh the Menu). Select the version at: Laragon Menu > Node.js > Version > node-v12.13.1

    Now, open Terminal (Ctrl - Alt - T) and type:

    node --version

    Congrats! Your Laragon now has Node.js!
    Very easy huh. That's all forks!

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    @leokhoa and make sure you close the terminal windows after switching node version, and open a new one.

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    since this article was originally written, node and NPM have moved along quite a bit, of course.
    You can search through the latest releases of node on https://nodejs.org/dist/

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    You must click on "start all" or it will not change version when you open the terminal

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    In Windows, you should also check in the user variables PATH if another version is set and change i according to your choice.

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    Days ago when I created a new laravel project and installed npm I got an error so I found this video usefull to see how to update nodejs

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