Updating Git in Laragon

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    How can we update Git that comes with Laragon: C:\laragon\bin\git?

    I have the latest git installer for Windows. When running the installer it will of course install to C:\Program Files\git, so I am wondering how to run this for Laragon. Is it simply a matter of copy and pasting the install files over from C:\Program Files\git to C:\laragon\bin\git? Do I need to worry about whether the install is 64-bit or 32-bit?

    The current version of Git for Laragon 3.2 is Git 2.9.0. As of Git 2.16.1 I believe it's possible to run git update-git-for-windows from the command line so this should be much easier process, however, I can't do that while on 2.9.0.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I guess another option is to update Cmder to use the system version of Git?

    There's a discussion here...


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    @haakym : In theory you can. You may try:

    1. Rename C:\laragon\bin\git to git.bak
    2. Copy C:\Program Files\git to C:\laragon\bin\git

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    Thanks. That worked just fine!

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    every time git or github has the latest version, i will remove git in laragon and replace it with a new one. only the new git will have a link in windows explorer. I like to use cmder.

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