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    I have been for hours on this but cannot find a solution.

    I would like to have a trusted SSL connection in one of my Laragon project as I need to communicate with an API online.

    I enabled SSL and ticks port 443, all good and https shows up, the problem is that Chrome shows an alert as:
    Your connection is not private
    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from mywebsite.testing (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more

    I then went to laravel/ect/ssl/ and choose the correct certificate, added it in Chrome as "Trusted root certification authorities", restarted both Laragon and the browser but I am still getting the same message. Now if I click in the browser bar on the "https", I get this:

    1)Not secure"
    2)When clicking on it I see
    Certificate invalid

    This certificate is intended for the following purpose:
    "All issuance policies
    All application policies"

    Nothing else....Any idea why this is happening?

    And by the way I renamed my domain to mywebsite.testing, still the same

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    @Ben-Riv : What is your Laragon version?
    Did you try Laragon 3.3 which automate most of the SSL processes for you?

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