[Tutorial] How to add wp-cli to Laragon

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    Adding additional command line tool like wp-cli to Laragon is easy. We will use C:\laragon\usr\bin to store our tool. Here's how:

    1. Download wp-cli.phar and put it to C:\laragon\usr\bin\wp-cli.phar

    2. Create a file called wp.bat in C:\laragon\usr\bin\wp-cli.phar with following content:

    php "%~dp0wp-cli.phar" %*

    That's all folks!

    To test, open Laragon's Terminal (CTRL + ALT + T), and type:

    wp --version

    You should see something like this: WP-CLI 1.5.1

    To check info, type:

     wp --info

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    Or you can do the lazy way (paste it in Laragon's Terminal) and enter:

    cd C:\laragon\usr\bin && curl -L -O https://raw.github.com/wp-cli/builds/gh-pages/phar/wp-cli.phar &&  echo @ECHO OFF > wp.bat && echo php "%~dp0wp-cli.phar" %* >> wp.bat

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    Should I add C:\laragon\usr\bin to the PATH variable in order to use it from the normal windows command prompt/GIT bash?

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    No, you should not. Because you also need to add PHP to PATH.
    You may think it is not a matter. However, what if you want to change to another PHP version in the future?
    Doing things like that in a long term will pollute your PATH.

    Laragon's Terminal manages PATH for us. Therefore, we can add another PHP, Apache, Nginx, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Golang, Java, MongoDB, PostgreSQL,... without any headache :)

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    @leokhoa What if i need to use wp-cli out of laragon terminal . lets say i need to use in my IDE Terminal. ?

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    @varunsridharan you need to provide path to it in your Windows PATH.

    I have multiple PHP versions installed in Laragon (5.6,7.0,7.1,7.2,7.3 and one more 7.1 as "php7"). The "php7" is in my path together with ./bin/pear where I also keep phpcs and wp.bat. The wp-cli.bat is in ./usr/bin for easier updates. So when you have one stable PHP and WP-CLI in PATH, it will work from any terminal in Windows, including your IDE. The reason I have php7 is that I keep only one version of PHP in my PATH and I don't touch it. I also use it in VS Code for PHP Mess Detector and running php directly from folder.

    But a good tip, if you only want to have WP-CLI accessible from your IDE. I use VS Code so it may be different for you, but I replaced cmd.exe with cmder in VS Code and it works flawlessly without need to have anything in PATH (because it uses cmder's init.bat ..)

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    @P-Mo Thanks but i just added it to Windows PATH and i am sure i have not added PHP path and it worked.!

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    I ran
    "cd C:\laragon\usr\bin && curl -L -O https://raw.github.com/wp-cli/builds/gh-pages/phar/wp-cli.phar && echo @ECHO OFF > wp.bat && echo php "%~dp0wp-cli.phar" %* >> wp.bat"

    It all ran ok but I still get
    "'php' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file."
    when I try to run "wp --version"

    It doesn't look like Laragon IS managing PHP path does it?

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    @patbell101 : Laragon is isolated with the OS environment, so you should use wp-cli in Menu > Laragon > Terminal
    If you want to use on Windows Command Prompt, you can add Laragon to System Path in Menu > Tools

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    So, not the Terminal Button on the Laragon control window? Because that is what I used for all of this. Never win cmd.

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    @patbell101 : They are the same.
    Can you show me an image when you type "php -v" in Terminal?

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    fwiw ctrl alt T doesnt work in laragon v.4.0.14 afaics

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    @patbell101 : The first line said init.bat,....
    You should install Laragon over to fix this first.

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    @leokhoa sorry I don't understand - "install laragon over"? Over what? Laragon (lite) was installed and functions fine APART from terminal. Anyway what does "...init.bat" is not recognised mean? I can run another bat file such as wp.bat with no such error. php -v also works now. Am I missing another "path"?

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    @patbell101 : Please follow my instructions:

    1. Rename bin\cmder to bin\cmder.old
    2. Install Laragon over = Install Laragon to your current installation dir C:\laragon to update with a new bin\cmder

    Note: php -v works because you managed to add PHP to Windows System Path.
    Laragon tends to isolate from the OS environment to not pollute the System Path.
    Ref: https://laragon.org/docs/terminal.html

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    Ok I have done that and added git. But I still get told SED isn't installed.

    So how do I install SED?

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    After following the instructions above this is what I get. I'm stuck any help will be appreciated.


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    @jraborar I gave up in the end it nearly works for me I cant get the tables so I guess some database issue.

    λ wp mu-migration export all lamasferat.zip --themes --plugins --uploads
    Exporting site meta data...
    Exporting users...
    Exporting tables
    Error: Unable to get the list of tables to be exported

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