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    I think Laragon would be great for simplifying the process of setting up a dev environment for WordPress core contributing.
    WordPress' recommended way of setting up a local development environment for contributing to WordPress core is pretty involved (see and I think Laragon could make it a lot simpler.
    I was thinking of creating a fork of Laragon that:
    -already has a WordPress site setup from the development repo (ie, git://
    -has phpunit setup
    -runs npm install && grunt build && grunt watch on startup

    This way, folks could just download this version of Laragon, and then start contributing code or testing Wordpress core patches, without so much hassle.

    Any thoughts on how to implement this? I was thinking of:
    -forking the github repo
    -in the fork, create the site and database and commit them
    -also add support for phpunit, and probably wp-cli while I'm at it

    But is there a better approach?

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    @mnelson4 : It would be an interesting project. I'll create some documents so you can easily implement it.

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