How can I use existing Tools applications already installed on my machine prior to installing Laragon

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    Hi, I just found Laragon, and I decided to give a try. I've searched around, but I could not find an answer for this...

    I already have applications like composer, git, heidisql, notepad++, putty, winscp, yarn installed on my machine. And for things like heidisql, notepad++, putty, winscp, etc, I've already spent a good deal time configuring them to my needs. I would really prefer Laragon to use my existing installations rather than whats in the bin directory. In other words, I would like Laragon to go to "C:\Program Files\HeidiSQL\heidisql.exe" for HeidiSQL instead of "C:\Laragon\bin\heidisql\heidisql.exe"; and so on for other applications.

    How can I do this? I'm thinking maybe using symlinks from the Laragon bin to the applications directory where my installs are, but I was wondering if there was a better way. I grep-ed the Laragon directory, but I could not find how these tools are being defined by file location or where to override them. I noticed the Tools menu has a link called 'Configuration...' that opens up the file, but it wasn't clear to me if that would solve my problem either.


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    @pfaciana good question, I tried creating a symlink for heidisql and notepad++ and it kinda worked. I had both of them already installed before using Laragon.
    So I deleted {laragon}/bin/heidisql, and created a symbolic link in its place (using Windows command prompt, I cd'd into {laragon}/bin, then ran mklink /D heidisql "E:\Software\HeidiSQL") and now when I click "Database" from Laragon's main window, I see it's running the HeidiSQL from outside Laragon (I knew because Laragon's HeidiSQL and my HeidiSQL are on slightly different version numbers). Although it still brings up Laragon's HeidiSQL database connections, not sure why.

    If there's a better way I'd like to know about it too.

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    Is there some dedicated solution to this besides symlinks?
    I installed HeidiSQL and WinSCP through Microsoft Store, so I'm not much into the symlink solution.

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