Mysql 8 didn't have User table / No privileges available.

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    I updating to laragon 3.3.3 that says mysql 8 already compatible with it. Then I tried to upgrade mysql either, I'm confidently follow your instructions as here.
    It's just simply intalled, but after go there is no User table in Mysql database (as we known located in mysql.user).
    So, everything I do in mysql syntax it will be counted for --skip-grant-tables. Yes, because I don't have any User even I can't create User anyway. I'm really needing your help about this.
    Thank you for advance.

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    @greydesert :

    Made Laragon work with MySQL 8.x (Note: To make MySQL 8 compatible with former authentication, Laragon allows login with any username and password. However, it is not a big deal on dev environment).

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    @leokhoa :
    Hi Leo, i've read the release note. Is that mean I don't have a privileged to create a new table? Or any other admin related task?

    Anyway, i can't find Table "User" in my new installed MySQL database. Is it normal?



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