Question regarding Laragon export of settings for team members

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    This morning someone demoed Docker on a Mac and showed me how easy it was built to export settings from one machine(windows or mac) to another.
    I was speaking about Laragon a lot to the person but was unable to say if the settings could be exported from one machine to the next in an easy way(like a config file).

    Could you please let me know if this is possible?

    Thank you.

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    Hi @Ben-Riv

    All settings are on usr folder. Therefore you don't need to export.
    Just copy it and Laragon will work as expected on the fly.

    You can move your whole C:\laragon to other machine at another location (such as D:\dev).
    Laragon should work the same in the previous one.

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    Thank you so much!
    Laragon is only for windows if I am correct, will you ever make a Mac version please?

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