Installing Cassandra or another DB ?

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    Hello there !

    First of all, thank you for these great tools and great community.

    I'm looking for building a small chat for users in my web app with NodeJS, and VueJS and would like to try out Cassandra or something similar.

    After reading about databases for large chat apps, I now by the past how a MySQL database isn't enough when traffic hits and there a lots of queries per sec/min. If you have suggestions on a similar database that would fit my needs, that would be great to hear, because dispite the fact that Cassandra is efficient, I'm afraid running java on my server might crash it, my server isn't powerful. Can Laragon support new instalations and drivers for such databases ?

    Thank you for your answers !

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    @mr-miel : How about using Redis? Super fast!
    The uses Redis as Database Backend :)

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    Thank you for your suggestion, I didn't consider Redis yet, I'm gonna try it and let you know ! :D

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    Hello @leokhoa ! :) I hope you're doing well. Just wanted to give you a feedback, thanks to you I got my nose into Redis and ... I loved it. I was able to start developing the Chat app for my client and just delivered it in production mode after 2 weeks of coding ! It's super fast, made with NodeJS, VueJS and Redis, I wish I could share the code but it's company property. But since I faced a lot of troubles and learned more and more, I think I'll dive into coding an open-source version and publish it !

    Thank you so much for you help and for this wonderful tool, Laragon. This is like the best "software" I've been waiting for years and can't do without it !

    I just want to add that on my installation, "Redis > Web admin" is broken and redirects to http://localhost/redis. I haven't searched yet about this entry and how to correct it, but meanwhile, I discovered this simple great tool to access a Redis database :
    That saved me a lot of time, even if it sometimes breaks, it's useful for monitoring !

    Cheers :)

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    @mr-miel : Many thanks for your kind words. I'm very glad that Redis helped. I love Redis, too :)
    I know why it is broken. If you need it to work, you need to install Laragon WAMP over.

    The "Redis > Web admin" uses phpRedisAdmin which IMHO is better than RedisReact. You can give it a try here:

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    @leokhoa Thank you, I'm going to give it a try on a standalone install ! :)

    By the way, I already reinstalled Laragon WAMP 3.4 yesterday over my installation of Laragon Rails & Wamp, and I still can't find phpRedisAdmin. I also installed Laragon WAMP 3.4 on a fresh install on my laptop and get the same result.
    Just wanted to report it to you ! :)

    Edit : My apologies, I found the phpRedisAdmin folder, my OS took time to search it.
    I'm looking in to my install to understand why it's not setup !

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