Sublime Text 3 as an inbuilt editor in Laragon as a replacement for notepad++

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    I firstly want to thank @leokhoa for Laragon. Have been using it since laragon 0.4.

    Saw so many features added to it since last year and so much rapid development. So many features that a Developer using windows machines has come to love and now can't live without.

    Before Laragon I used winscp, putty,cmder, git,composer,npm and redis which I had to install seperately. Now I can just install laragon on a new machine and thats it, nothing to worry about

    But there a request that i want to make , I am a sublime text 3 user and sometime use Visual Studio code ,but my main text editor is sublime text.

    Can you please try to include the free version of sublime text 3 in Laragon. I think all will appreciate this addition to Laragon as sublime has a smaller footprint and will not affect the installer size of laragon by a greater degree.

    I love laragon and want it to be the only thing i need to install on my system for my work.

    Thank you making development so much easier on windows and with Laravel.

    Thanks and Respect @leokhoa

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    Many thanks for your post. I'm very happy when reading it :innocent:

    Sublime Text is great. However, I must ask them if it is OK to distribute. If yes, I will include it to Laragon soon :)

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    Thanks @leokhoa for considering it. :+1:

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    @manurag : 3 months has passed since the day you requested Sublime Text 3, so long but I did a lot of tests before releasing. Today, I released Laragon 2.0 which will satisfy your need:

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    @leokhoa Thanks a lot. I am very happy for this inclusion and the features in Laragon 2.0 are great for developers like me. One click Ngrok feature and Multiple root folder inclusion is awesome, I think everyone will appreciate that . :smile: :smile:

    Thank you for your efforts :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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