[ASK] Upgrading and installing package in laragon environment

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    Hello laragoners!
    I have some question regarding upgrade and install new package inside laragon environment.

    1. There is a tutorial about how to add another version of this and that package, and it works, thank you for that.
    2. My question (laragon wamp) how do we upgrade some of package via laragon terminal? I have try to upgrade yarn via terminal but instead of upgrade it inside laragon environment it installed globally outside laragon.
    3. How do we install new version or upgrade vue cli 3 that already installed inside yarn folder?
      Please share your knowledge, any help would be thankful.

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    @Sastro-Adi-Warno : You should remove the global yarn. Then, you just download a proper yarn release, such as:
    and extract to bin\yarn

    After that, installing vue cli 3 is straightforward:

    yarn global add @vue/cli

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