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    I have two projects that have databases that are named the same. Therefore I am trying to run two instances of Laragon, which I setup by copying the original folder to a new folder and try to launch it. When trying to launch this "new folder" I get the error "Laragon is already running".

    What am I missing?

    Edit: Laragon Mint 3.3.2

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    @giga : To avoid conflicts, Laragon allow only 1 instance running. However, in your case (different path), Laragon should allow many instances running. I'll improve it soon.

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    Have you thought about using a different DB name for one of the projects while developing locally? Like have settings for dev and settings for production?

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    Its a good suggestion but with how our code base works, this would not work in my case without extra rework.

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    Thank you so much for all your rework.

    I just wanted to add that if you do plan to implement this, the modification of the host file across different instances of Laragon would need to be fixed. Currently it only create one line in the host file and never updates it. If I had to implement this I would be to have it scan the host file for the alias, and if its not there then create it. That is just my two cents, there are probably better ways

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