How to solve the "none-when-downgrade" issue ?

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    Running my new project with laragon, loving it... But some of the javascript scripts returning me a 500 error ("none-when-downgrade"). It may be coming from apache, but not sure since i'm running it successfully on Xampp.

    • Apache 2.4.27 VC14 + php 7.1.20 VC14 -- FAIL
    • Apache 2.4.34 VC11 + php 5.6.37 VC11 -- FAIL

    Is there a way to fix this?


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    @david-paquette : Did you check your Apache's error logs and PHP's php_errors.log?

    If there is no error log, you can refer this article to figure out why:

    None When Downgrade: Sends referrer information to secure HTTPS sites, but not insecure HTTP sites
    <meta name="referrer" content="none-when-downgrade">

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    Thank for your reply but i already tried adding that into my header of my pages with no success.
    After futher examinations i found that what cause the error 500 is some JS that i use.

    Sadly i've return to Xampp for my ongoing project for now. don't know what they've done but at least it's working.

    On Xampp :

    • Apache 2.4.25
    • PHP 5.6.30

    On Laragon:

    • Apache 2.4.34 VC11
    • PHP 5.6.37 VC11

    I even tried running on php 7.1.20 vc14 with apache 2.4.27 vc14 with no success.

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