Develop production app with laragon

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    Hi everybody! please could someone advice me to develop production app with laragon?

    is it advisable?

    Share with me some of your experiences.


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    hi @goodness, I'm not sure if I understand what you're asking.

    If you're asking if it's a good idea to use Laragon to run a production app (eg a live website users will be visiting), then no it's not a good choice. Mostly because Laragon only runs on Windows, and nearly all production servers use Linux. So not a good idea to use Laragon for a production app, nor do I know how you would do it.

    But maybe you're asking if it's a good idea to develop an application on Laragon before deploying it to a live server somewhere. I think it's fairly good for that, especially if you make sure the version of the programming language in Laragon matches what you'll be using on the database server (eg both using PHP 7.1) and all the other software versions match up (eg both using Apache for the webserver, MySQL for the DB, etc).
    However, most likely the server you'll be deploying to will be running on Linux, whereas Laragon only works on Windows, so there will be a few differences in how the app runs. (Eg, Windows directory separator is a backslash instead of a forward slash, and the filesystem is NOT case-sensitive.
    So if you're doing using Laragon to DEVELOP an app, you probably just want to use it for initial development, then put your app on a staging server which more closely resembles your production server (where you'll probably notice a few discrepancies) and only then deploy your app to the production server.

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    @mnelson4 Thanks a lot!
    You've clearly answered my worry in the first paragraph.

    Production app most be develop with tools like Docker and others.

    The problem is that, I've read people's testimonies on the site saying, with laragon they don't need again Docker. This is the reason why I brought this discussion.

    For once again, thanks a lot for spending your time to write me.

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    @goodness ok great!

    Yeah, I think when folks say they don't need to use Docker, they meant they didn't need to use it for local development. I haven't actually setup a site with Docker yet, but I understand it's great for setting up the exact same environment between production, staging, and development.

    I personally have enjoyed developing with Laragon on Windows for development because it's much faster, simpler, and pretty feature-rich. (Eg using ngrok has been handy). Especially when, as I understand it, in order to get Docker to work, I'd need to run it inside a virtual machine, and from my experience virtual machines are pretty slow and sometimes have some intricate problems. (What got me to move from primarily developing on a Virtual Machine was npm in a virtual machine with a Windows host machine was giving me lots of grief).

    BUT, Laragon certainly doesn't give you an identical environment between development, staging and production like Docker can. So I don't think its a complete replacement.

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    For local development, Yes laragon is one of the best choice.

    But for someone who want to dive into reality and save time on fixing bugs and compatibility, Docker is much more.
    You can run it from local till deployment. Everything is depending now of WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO AND THE BEST WAY TO DO IT

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    @goodness : Docker is amazing but running Docker on Windows is a nightmare. It will make your system slow.

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