Database missing after restarting the process

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    Firs time user here.

    • I installed Laragon
    • Moved the installation to a new location
    • Quick Created a Wordpress install
    • Edited it.

    Everything was operating just fine.

    I closed the window (which killed the process). Ok, Fine, restarted the process. The original wordpress DB is gone, and the project is dead. the DB doesnt even show up in the Database Manager tool.

    Am I missing something? Is this by design?

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    @udlx : There is something wrong. You can check your logs or rename your data dir to C:\laragon\data.bak, then Start Laragon again.

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    I checked the log file (ib_logfile1), and its 49MB/3.1mm lines of zeroes.

    I have since gone though the process of creating a new test db, and closing or killing the process, and restarting, and then with a new WP installation, and doing the same. Now I can't get it to happen (of course!). This is what made me suspect that I needed to do shutdown in a particular way, in order to not lose data.

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