[Tutorial] Using global php.ini

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    With Laragon, you can add another PHP version easily.

    However, Laragon will use the default settings come with PHP zip file. In case, you want to use your php.ini settings, do the followings:

    1. Put your preferred php.ini settings in usr\tpl\php.ini.tpl
    2. When running, Laragon will check if there is a php.ini in your PHP folder (PHP_PATH). If not, it will use the usr\tpl\php.ini.tpl: copy to PHP_PATH\php.ini and also correct all wrong paths (such as extension_dir).

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    This is kind of confusing. because everytime i need to change php.ini i will change in the php.ini.tpl file and start / restart the laragon but if php.ini already exists then the file is not getting modified with the latest changes in php.ini.tpl

    as per me i think its not a global kind of thing. as it just tries to replace / update the php.ini

    Global file should be included after php.ini loads from core. and it should be loaded no matter what. thats what i call it as global.

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