Moving to a production server.

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    Can someone give me a starting point for moving my project to a production server? It will only be hosted locally at my work place and only available on the local network.

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    @cfree918 : If your production server is Windows. There are 2 easy ways to choose:

    • Method 1: Install Laragon on the the server. Then, copy www dir & data dir to it. With this method, the setup of Laragon will install any missing libraries needed to run PHP, Apache2,...

    • Method 2: Just copy Laragon folder to the server. That is.

    For production, you should set Laragon auto run with Windows and auto run all the Services.
    MySQL default password is empty, so you should set it to a difficult to guess one.

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    how can I manually assign an IP to my apache server?

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    If you want to use a local machine as a webserver in your intranet, and access it by IP, you could ask to your IT department to set a fixed IP for this machine in the DHCP. Or if you want to acces by domain name you will have to ask theme configure the internal DNS or modify the host file of each machine wanting to access this webserver.

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