What is the correct way to set up subdomains?

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    I'm using Laragon 3.4.0 on Windows 10 with Apache selected, and trying to install RespondCMS (respondcms.com). I get to step 9 of the install instructions:

    "9. Create a subdomain and point it at public_html/respond/public

    In the last step, navigate back to the main menu and create a subdomain (e.g. http://app.my-domain.com). Point the subdomain at your public_html/respond/public folder."

    and don't have any idea what to do next.

    I tried creating a new, blank site for the subdomain and then edited the .conf file in sites-enabled to change the ROOT folder name, but every time I restart Laragon it overwrites this file so that ROOT points to www/subdomain.test rather than www/test/respond.

    Nothing that I've found in the forum seems to work.


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    @peterb : You did almost right!
    For the .conf, you need to remove the auto. prefix so Laragon will respect your changes.

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    Thanks - that almost worked! I still had problems with 'app.my-domain.com' but 'appxmy-domain.com' works fine.

    I'm not too happy with Respond CMS though: there are lots of requirements that aren't mentioned in their Requirements documentation, and their code insists that Laragon doesn't have SSL enabled, so I've had to bodge the code to get it to run.

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    @peterb : You rocks! Cheers :)

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