Error installing mongodb on laragon php stack

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    Re: Mongodb Addon for Laragon


    I've tried installing mongodb on the php stack by following the steps in the referenced thread.
    So I downloaded the zip from mongodb, extracted it to bin/mongodb.
    I also installed the mongodb PHP extension.
    But when I try to start mongodb I get the error message:

    Service MongoDB can not start. Reason:
    The system cannot find the path specified

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    When I try to start mongodb directly in the laragon terminal, the dbpath seems to be pointing to "C:\data\db\". So that is not the right path.

    0_1539787910576_2018-10-17 16_47_16-Cmder.png

    But when I look in the configuration file mongod.conf the dbpath is actually configured correctly. So I don't understand where he gets the wrong path from.

    0_1539787991067_2018-10-17 16_49_43-mongod.conf - Visual Studio Code.png

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    @tleicher : Strange. Let me check and get back to you soon.

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    I have installed the mean stack on top of the wamp stack and now it works.

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    @tleicher : I'm glad to hear that. Cheers!

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    How to install mean stack on top of wamp stack?

    Can anyone help with instructions to install mongodb on laragon please...

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    I just downloaded both the WAMP install file, the MEAN install file and installed them both.

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    @tleicher That's not a correct solution because "WAMP stack " should be independent to "MEAN stack ", well, that's what I think.

    The problem @leokhoa is that MongoDB not take (or load) mongod.conf file, I was able start MongoDB 4.0 from the windows console using this command:

    C:\laragon\bin\mongod\bin\mongod.exe --config mongod.conf

    Please check this in WAMP Laragon. I'm using Laragon 3.5.

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