Laragon for education of WordPress Beginners

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    Laragon is great for testing WordPress!

    I'm working as WordPress trainer and would like to recommend Laragon.
    But for beginners (and most of my trainees are real beginners!), there are 3 open points for me:

    1.) Please make removing/deleting a project available as menu item!
    (Manually deleting www folder + database + don't know about hosts etc. is too complicated for beginners. And after installing a WordPress site in Laragon is so easy, removing it should be easy too.)
    ... a really needed feature!!!

    2.) Please make phpMyAdmin "1 click" available!
    (The manual install works, but is also too complicated for beginners. HeidiSQL works, but for training I need phpMyAdmin which is pre-installed in most shared hosting environments.)

    3.) "portable" seems a bit strange when using an installer which (Laragon 3.5) also demands a restart of the computer ... (How can this be portable?)
    Maybe more information during the installation about which changes causes the demand of a restart?
    And/or less installation dependencies and more self-contained, really portable run-time components?

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    1. Actually, to delete a project you just need to delete the project's folder and correspond database. Laragon will clean correspond hosts' entry, Virtual Host,...
      However, I'll add this function.

    2. Np, it will be added.

    3. Laragon is portable. If it ask for restarting, it needs a safe memory release. It likely happen when you overwrite your current running Laragon with the latest version.

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    @leokhoa Thank YOU!

    Thank You for your quick response!

    And Thank You for adding this valuable functions!

    But I suggest integrating your hint about restarting in Docs according to "Install" and "Portable", because I think this information is for all users important.
    And a hint during the installation if - and which - missing run-time components were detected and installed. To know what have changed in my Windows Installation is also important. And that - if nothing changed - Laragon would work really portable on a computer with same configuration.
    By the way, what is to expect on an other computer where Laragon is used portable from an USB stick and there are missing run-time components which are covered regularly by the Laragon installer?
    And how can the resulting problems be detected and resolved?
    (And maybe these answers should also be integrated in "Portable" section.)

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    @burnuser : I've released Laragon 4.0 which has all features you requested. Thank you for your suggestion - I will update the Doc when having time :)

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    @leokhoa Thank You again!
    All works great!

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