Laragon's NodeJS and Composer didnt work

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    After fresh install, I am:

    1. running composer command to install laravel installer, but it didnt work, the process stuck, the lines only showed "changing directory to bla bla" .
    2. then I install composer from the official website, add the PATH in env variables, running the command again and it worked.
    3. the same occurs with npm, when i am using the npm from laragon i cant use "npm install". the console displayed error.
    4. then I install the ones from Node official websites, adding to PATH, and it did work normally.

    Why was that? Is there any solution?

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    @Hary-Kamaro : I suspect you did not use Laragon's terminal. If you did:

    1. Which Laragon version are you using?
    2. Can you show me show images?

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    I am using the terminal from Laragon main window. This is the screenshot for the npm error.

    And this is the location of the npm package.

    When I use the other terminal (not Laragon), there is no error because the terminal use other npm I installed from the official website (the location of npm is different).

    As for the composer problem, I already install the ones from the official website so there is no error anymore (i dont want to uninstall it right now, maybe later, to provide the screenshot).

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    @Hary-Kamaro : Thanks. Let me check and get back to you soon.

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    @Hary-Kamaro : I've updated Laragon 3.5.1 to fix the issue with npm (Laragon installer ignores any data dir).
    I don't see any issue with Composer. Many thanks for your notification!

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