AVG detecting IDP.ALEXA.51 when I click Terminal button, and it loads up cmd.exe

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    Two days ago, I opened a terminal window on 3.4 and I got an AVG popup; I installed 3.5 and still get the same issue, but I guess that was unlikely to change the underlying cause. I installed Malwarebytes and it doesn't find any issues across my system, which possibly corroborates this being a false positive. If I instead run cmd.exe myself, I do not get a popup - only when Laragon initiates it. Would you be able to raise this with AVG? I tried, but because I am using the free version, I don't have any access to support.

    Threat name: IDP.ALEXA.51
    Process: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe
    Detected by: Behaviour Shield

    Update: The only option I have is to quarantine it - I do that and it says I am protected, but a) cmd.exe remains in system32 folder and b) quarantine is empty, as if nothing occurred. All very fishy. Looks like an AVG goof to me.

    Update 2: I found the community forums, I've logged the question on there.

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    @ryanhalley : It's a nuisance but I don't use AVG so I can not raise this to AVG.

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