Feature suggestion - more than one root directory

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    Laragon is great, I wish you to be on ascending curve of UX & feedback forever!

    My feature suggestion is this:

    I have two separate folders with projects:

    • one for traditional websites powered by Laravel
    • one for writing texts - each projects uses multiple text files with notes etc. I use Laravel to rearrange and display the ready segments

    Both folders are backed up in separate cloud service - separate accounts.
    In both I use SublimeText for editing

    Would that be possible to have more than one root directory in Laragon?
    OR at least a hot-switch with service restart between them?


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    @Gavagai : Ok. I will think adding this feature in next release.

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    make easy future update for DBMaria


    just like apache and php is.

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    @Gavagai : F.Y.I: Laragon supported Multiple Document Roots :)

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