"Service MariaDB can not start" (my.ini)

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    Hello, this is Paolo from Italy.
    I've got a problem after Laragon installation (I've searched in other thread to solve my problem but I can't find issues like mine...)
    I've installed Laragon in order to replace WAMP. After installation and trying to start all the services (Apache starts OK), it prompt the following message:

    Service MariaDB can not start. Reason:

    error: Found option without preceding group in config file: C:\my.ini at line: 1
    Fatal error in defaults handling. Program aborted

    I've checked the "my.ini" file then, and the first lines are:



    So I've tried to uncomment the first line, but the problem still remain.

    Any suggestion are more than welcome...


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    ...sorry - in my previous post, the my.ini file I've tried to edit was the one included in "C:\laragon\bin\mysql\mariadb-10.3.10-winx64" folder, while the error prompt refer to "C:\my.ini".

    So I've open this file and I've found the following SQL command (quotation marks excluded):

    "UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('mylocal') WHERE User='root';

    Maybe I've got to edit this line? and according to what?

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    !!!UPDATE - Deleted the my.ini contents

    I've removed/deleted the SQL lines in c:\my.ini file, rebooted and now it seems to work...

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    @Paolo-Sacchetti : I had no idea about C:\my.ini. Glad you can sort out the issue yourself - Cheers!

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