ngrok always shows the www root directory instead of the project folder

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    Hi, I just upgraded to 4.0 and ngrok seems to be broken. Or did something change on purpose?

    I have one folder C:/laragon/www/myproject and want to share that publicly, but when I visit the ngrok url it shows the laragon index.php page that is located in C:/laragon/www/index.php

    I'm on Win10. Is this a bug? How can I debug it? What information do you need?


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    @bernhard : It might be a bug. I'll check and fix it soon.

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    hmmm... just tried it with laragon 3.5 and it's the same... with laragon 3.1.9 it works as expected!

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    This is still happening on Laragon 4.0.15

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    Laragon 4.0.16 shares my website using ngrok. Go figure. But as I've learned WordPress makes a shitload of http requests and that overloads what the free version of ngrok allows so it bombs out.

    Any other known way to have remote access to a Laragon site such as mysite.local:8080 so I can get technical support?

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