laragon why it is not open source ?

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    Hi, I wonder Largon why it is not open source because it could have grow much faster laragon if it was were.

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    @onerciller : You're right. If Laragon is open souce it could have grow faster.
    Someday I will open source Laragon, but not now. There are some reasons for that, one of them is I want to keep my motivation in responsibility all the features of Laragon, keep making them bug free and useful to everyone.

    As I devote my time at night for Laragon (I'm Linux in day, Windows at night). I hope you understand and contribute back. :four_leaf_clover:

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    I got it @leokhoa really , thanks for your reply

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    @leokhoa Please let us know when you are ready, I am ready to help.

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