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    Dear @leokhoa ,

    First of all thanks for providing a great application for local development.

    I have a question regarding the caching plugins. Can you please confirm if any caching plugins are enabled to the software? Like APC, APCU or something like that?

    I am having slow loading issues with local development and would like to disable any cache plugin if enabled. Now I have looked at php.ini. and seems to cache feature was disabled. I would like to some official words from you before deep diving into the issue.

    Thank you!

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    Dear @sharkar : Many thanks for your kind words.
    By default, Laragon set no cache. To improve performance, you can consider using Nginx and increase the upstream process:

    Also, you need to change setting of your MySQL/MariaDB to take advantage of your RAM. Google will help.

    Hope it helps.

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    Thanks, @leokhoa for your prompt response! Sorry for delay response to you.

    I am trying to optimize the loading, if anything comes positive, I will reply to this topic.

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