MariaDB won't start

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    Hi, I use laragon (Mint 3.5.0 181018) on a USB Driver (Windows 10).

    MariaDB won't start.

    On the net, I find this solution:

    Start terminal:

    mysqld --skip-grant-tables

    lunch another terminal:

    use mysql
    repair table host use_frm;

    And after that I can start MariaDB without problems.

    Yersterday, when I close larago, I get this error:
    alt text

    I done a ckdisk but there is no error on USB device (FAT 32).

    Today I start laragon, and MariDB won't start I ve to do the solution above. But I don't ve the "Application Error".

    What can I do, to fix mariaDB launching?

    Sorry for my basic english and thx for your help.


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    Hi @Nolan : I guess there is an issue with MariaDB when running in portable. You can:

    1. Recover MariaDB again, then dump all data to sql.
    2. Download Laragon 4.0 portable:
      and put it to C:\laragon (or any place)
    3. Start the Laragon 4.0 portable and restore the sql to MySQL 5.1
    4. If everything is Ok, stop then move the C:\laragon to your portable device.

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    Hi, thx for your support.

    I update Larago to 4.02 and now I use MariaDB 10.3.11.

    Everything was fine except yesterday.

    But I think I find why.
    I exit laragon to fast.

    I stop services of laragon:
    alt text
    Then I quit:
    alt text

    But I think, I clic on "Exit" to fast, because the Icon was not "Green".

    When I started laragon, I had to reconfigure path for "Document Root" and "the repertory of MySQL data" and then laragon work's fine again.

    So, now I take time to close laragon properly.

    And sorry for my bad english ^.^

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