Deleting and recreating a project (WP), errors

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    I have looked at some of the discussions regarding deleting a WordPress project. I found the answers somewhat terse, but hope I have done it correctly. (In Windows) I deleted the folder in ...\www with the project name and similarly the folder in ...\data\mysql. Hopefully, that is correct. Please confirm.

    I was doing it in this instance because I had what may have been a corruption problem with the project and wanted to start over.
    I recreated the project, using the identical name, from the QuickAdd menu for WordPress. After the project was created, I went to the site in the browser and was greeted by the expected "install WP" language menu. After selecting the language, I got 24 pages of WordPress errors. I will try to upload a pdf of the errors. 0_1544364468250_WordPress › InstallationErrors.pdf

    The name of the project is Gutenberg or gutenberg, with an internal name of "Gutenberg test", as I created it to test the new release on existing websites.

    I went through this twice and had the same results. In the second try, I found that there was a "Success" message at the bottom of the errors and a link to login. Hitting that took me back to the language selection screen.

    Any help and guidance is much appreciated. I do ask that the responses lean a little more towards verbose than not, otherwise I find myself guessing as to what actually has to be done.

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    @JKengineer :
    Deleting folder is correct but for database you should use HeidiSQL or phpMyAdmin to drop it properly. You can also drop database using command line:

    mysql -u root -p

    You can also use another quick way to delete a project with 1-click in Tools > Delete project

    As you deleted MySQL folder (which was wrong), you can fix it by renaming C:\laragon\data to C:\laragon\data.bak, and start over again.

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    Thanks for the fast response!
    I only deleted the project folder inside of the mysql folder: drive:\localserver-Laragon\data\mysql\gutenberg Was that clear? (I can't put the drive letter in the previous - it's the d drive and turns into an emoticon).
    My tools menu does not have Delete Project. I am using Laragon 3.3.3, based on the window header. Do I need to upgrade, and if so, do I just download a newer version and overwrite the existing? I have 9 projects in addition to the one I am trying to redo.

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    I have downloaded the current laragon.7z file. I extracted it and placed the laragon.exe in the working directory. The file properties (right click) indicate that it is version 3.3.1, but when I run it the window header says 4.0.2. It does have the delete project entry in the tools menu.
    I believe I had already manually deleted the www\gutenberg folder, so it does not show up in the Delete Project list. I went into terminal and used the commands you suggested to remove the database. I get an error:
    ERROR 1010 (HY000): Error dropping database (can't rmdir '.\gutenberg', errno: 41)
    I saw a similar error earlier today (no 41), I believe when I tried to use HeidiSQL to remove the database.

    I tried to get creative. I created a folder ...\www\gutenberg. The Delete Projects listing now showed gutenberg as an option. I selected it, got a message that it would delete the www folder and drop the database, that it was irreversible and was I sure. I proceeded. The ...\www\gutenberg folder is gone and it is no longer listed in the www menu. The ...\mysql\gutenberg folder is still there and populated. Is this the expected result? I went into the database manager, which still shows gutenberg. I right clicked in the left pane and selected "drop". I get a pop up: SQL Error essentially matching the one above. In HeidiSQL, the drop down for gutenberg in the left pane shows as empty, while others show content. However in file explorer the folder is not empty. It has 12 files of the form wp_xxxx.ibd, all 64KB in size.

    Suggestions? I suspect I am missing something very basic in my understanding. Thanks!

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    @JKengineer : Errors happens because you deleted the folder in MySQL data dir. As you have many legacy projects, you can fix that by:

    1. Dumping all the data to a sql file
    2. Rename the data dir (C:\laragon\data) to (C:\laragon\data.bak)
    3. Start All and restore data.

    You can check how to dump & restore here:

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    I still had some problems and managed to not take good notes, my apologies.
    What I know I did, and that succeeded: I renamed ...\data\gutenberg to ...\gutenberg.bak, I did QuickAdd for gutenberg and went through the full installation successfully.
    The project is now working again.
    I assume you have to mark this as "solved", I don't seem to be able to.

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    @JKengineer : I'm glad to hear that :) - marked the project as Solved!

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