Wanted laragon to install wordpress but .....

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    Hello everybody,
    It's been a week since I try to install WordPress locally to create my website. I have tried with instant WordPress, XAMPP, local by Flywheel and now Laragon.
    Last week I managed to create a local WordPress site with XAMPP. But Friday I downloaded the new version of WordPress and since I can no longer access my site.
    So today I tried with laragon but I still do not get it. I followed the guide : https://laragon.org/docs/quick-start.html but I'm stuck at the level of The progress Window. Nothing happens !
    Please help me, I am totally beginner! Be forgiving !

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    Hi leokhoa,
    Thank you for taking the time to answer me.
    It seems that my level in computer science is too low for me to reach a result despite your good advice! I just used several proxies but the result is always the same. This is what it gives when I do
    Create a website quickly
    currently downloading
    but always the same : nothing happens !
    Once I got this answer : thenameofmysite already existing

    Here it is here it is 5 o'clock in the morning, now 6 (I am in France) ! I can not sleep, I'm going crazy. I see many people create their website, I can not do it!
    I had succeeded last week and now no longer possible to access my site! Where is my site?
    I'm sorry to annoy you but I think that the solution you propose is complicated for me.
    Would the best solution be that I uninstall everything and start again?

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